1. Do you sell or recommend prosthesis?
    We don’t currently but intend to do so in the near future, if you would like some recommendations please call us and we will see if we can help
  2. Will my prosthesis fit your costumes?
    The costumes are designed to be as flexible as possible but we can’t guarantee this – once again please let us know if you have a problem
  3. Can you be very active in our costumes?
    We’ve chosen lots of the styles for their security and the halternecks in particular are very good. Everyone is different so it really depends on the surgery you have had.
  4. Not all your swimwear is mastectomy style – why is that?
    We made a decision to stock additional ranges that we think are perfectly suited to those of us who have had breast surgery due to cancer but have not been designed specifically as mastectomy suits. This can not only extend the range but the lifetime of the costume.
  5. Is your swimwear suitable for women who have had reconstruction?
    Yes – absolutely
  6. How soon after breast surgery can you go swimming?
    It’s usually suggested that you wait six to eight weeks depending on your surgery, and swimming is recommended as an exercise but always consult your doctor for medical information first.
  7. Do the prosthesis maintain their shape in salt and chlorine water?
    It’s important to make sure your prosthesis are suitable for going in water, and if so, all water is fine – a Mel tip – always take two pairs on holiday and take them in your hand luggage just in case!!
  8. How do I know what size to buy for myself or a friend who has had a mastectomy?
    For a single mastectomy – buy the same size as the remaining breast, for a double mastectomy you can choose whichever cup size suits (we recommend the same as what you were pre-surgery) but make sure you get the right “chest size”
  9. Am I allowed to go in the sun following radio or chemotherapy?
    Your skin may be very sensitive following any form of therapy so very high factor sunscreen is recommended, and cover ups are essential please consult your doctor for specific information
  10. Will you stock other accessories for holidays?
    Yes we will be extending our ranges very soon and if you have any ideas of products you think may be interesting please let us know.