People with cancer need places like these.


We love the ladies that we met at Maggie’s Centre in Oxford and are looking forward to seeing their fabulous new centre. Maggie’s centres are all over the UK please check out their website for locations near you

Link to Maggie’s Centres

Met up with the lovely girls on the Copafeel stand at MODA and think they are doing a wonderful job getting the message out to everyone and especially younger women.  I am always in mind of the wall as you walk through Mount Vernon Hospital towards the dreaded scanning section ‘EARLY DIAGNOSIS SAVES LIVES’ – so everyone get feelin’ ’cause you know your body better than anyone and if in doubt see a specialist. For more information go to

We recently enjoyed meeting Claire from Chemo Headwear at the LOC in London.  They sell a beautiful handmade hats, headscarves, bandanas and turbans which will make you feel instantly pretty and feminine. They use only the best quality fabrics and feel strongly that only natural fabrics will do – no sweaty polyesters here! Only natural fabrics are breathable & wickable which will keep you warm in Winter & cool in Summer.  There are six different styles that all can be put on in seconds – no fiddly tying of headscarves! Visit their website to see their beautiful fabrics and styles.

 We often come across lovely teams of people who support women through the trials and tribulations of cancer and cancer treatment. None are more caring and supportive than The Cancer Hair Care Team in Stevenage. They will help you with all aspects of hair loss, provide all sorts fo lovely lotions and potions that encourage growth and also offer a fantastic wig service including cutting – something which really helped me make my wigs look a lot more natural.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them they are simply lovely T: 01438 311 322

Post Chemo head wear from Hats4Heads



Hats that cover hairloss And if turbans are your thing then they don’t get more up to the minute or stylish than those from our friends at Suburban Turban. We met them at the London Oncology Centre (otherwise known as The LOC) and they not only have fab styles and materials but also help with tying and styling – suitable for covering all degrees of hair loss following chemo.

Here is a link to help you make your own turban on the Suburban Turban website

Anita specialists in mastectomy lingerie

Beautiful, practical, comfortable and safe mastectomy swimwear from Anita




Anita Specialists in Mastectomy lingerie. Many special thanks to Anita MD Jemma Barnes for the wonderful training day she and her team put on for Jen and Vicki. Anita have some very special products to help post mastectomy and reconstruction breast surgery.

We particularly like this post mastectomy bra that we will are stocking Spring 2013

Link to Anita Care Products

Swimming caps, hats, scarves - all types and styles of head cover




A great selection of swimming caps and many other alternative types of headwear for ladies suffering the hair loss effects of chemotherapy.

Comfortable headwear for hair loss. Fitted scarves, bandanas, turbans, swim caps, sleep caps, soft hats, fringes and wig accessories. Many items also available in petite size.