Summer is coming – don’t let breast cancer stop you enjoying the beach!

Caleya was launched a few years ago because, following a double mastectomy for Mel and then a single mastectomy for me, we just couldn’t find mastectomy swimwear, bikinis, or tankinis that we liked – too much currently in the shops just doesn’t work very well.

Both Mel and I have had reconstruction surgery but for security, comfort and a cut that hides all those little tell-tale scars, we firmly believe that a properly cut swimsuit, bikini top or tankini top is really the best solution.

We’re delighted with our new special range from Jets which has a white and and a black variation to suit all skin colours – it’s really pretty – and don’t forget to check out our cover ups if you feel you are getting too much sun!

Jets Willow

Breast cancer is a scary time but with more options for treatment coming all the time and survival rates getting better and better we are Looking Forward Looking Great and hope you are too.



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