Should swimsuits be my first choice?

Okay so I’m 55 years old have only one real boob following my mastectomy and reconstruction a couple of years ago, I’m not in terribly bad shape and most of the time I wear bikinis probably to maximise the tanning area but also because they tend to be prettier than most swimming costumes or even tankinis.

However, following my surgery for breast cancer and the resulting scars, irregular shape and general lack of a cleavage I am now much more cautious when I am getting active down by the pool or at the beach. So this year when we were in Turkey and I was dragged onto an inflatable sofa being pulled very quickly behind a speed boat sitting unfortunately between my 16 year old daughter and her second Joe of the holiday (no he was really called Joe and he was the second boy called Joe to have been stalking her since we arrived!) I had opted for my very comfortable and more concealing Jets Classic Boyleg swimsuit from our Caleya Cruise Swimwear Collection. Oh boy was I pleased with this choice – not only did I come away from the experience with all body parts still covered but as I crawled out of the sea I was greeted by Joe II’s mother looking very stylish in kaftan and matching nail varnish who promptly told me how brave I was and asked me where I got my beautiful costume from – success!

Sadly Joe II didn’t last long but I made a plan to wear my swimming costumes more often – not just save them for the more active moments of my holiday.


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