Post Mastectomy, Lymphadenectomy Arm Issues

We’ve recently had a number of ladies talking to us who have had their lymph nodes removed, are experiencing either lymphedema (swelling in their arm) or at the other extreme slightly scraggy arms due to weight loss and muscle deterioration.  We know exactly what you are going through and though we can’t offer mastectomy swimwear with sleeves we have a few holiday accessories that may help with your cover up:

First the very elegant and easy Jets cover up – see below, goes so beautifully with their mastectomy swimwear range.

We also recommend the Anita cover up which also looks great, provides more cover and is so very easy to wear. Finally if all else fails we use our sarongs as wraps – they are made from costume material and dry so quickly they are perfect for every beach bag and are so versatile they’ll cover up all sorts of areas!  Happy holidays  Victoria  x

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