Delicious and healthy recipe to enjoy in the sunshine this weekend

Green gazpacho

1 of your 5 a day
Low saturated fat

  • Vegetarian
  • Preparation time:5 minutes, plus chilling
  • Cooking time:5 minutes, plus chilling

Serves: 8


3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, plus extra to drizzle
1 tbsp sherry vinegar
Handful ice cubes
1 slice day-old white bread, crusts removed
80g pack ready-washed baby spinach
1 large cucumber, deseeded and roughly chopped
6 salad onions, roughly chopped
1 green pepper, deseeded and roughly chopped
2 cloves garlic, peeled
1 green chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
25g pack fresh basil, leaves only
Pinch caster sugar



1. Tip all of the ingredients into a food processor or liquidiser and blend until smooth. Season to taste and blitz again – if the soup is a bit too thick, add a splash of ice-cold water. Transfer to the fridge to chill for 1-2 hours (the soup may separate slightly during this time — if so, just give it a quick stir before serving).

2. Serve the chilled soup in cups, drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil and garnished with sliced salad onions, if you wish.

As seen in the Waitrose magazine where there are lots of other delicious healthy summer recipes.

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Treat Yourself to a Post Treatment ‘Nurture & Support’ Break at Grayshott Hall

A gentle and supportive 4 night programme of treatments specially designed for guests post cancer treatments to relax, nourish their body and strengthen their immune system. It includes healthy spa cuisine, therapeutic spa treatments and general health advice.

Stays are tailored to each individual’s requirements, with a holistic approach to each guest’s well-being, health and fitness. During their stay, guests have access to our Health Consultants and team of in-house professionals, including Natural Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists and Fitness experts.

The Programme has been devised by Elaine Williams Grayshott’s Director of Natural Therapies with inclusive treatments created exclusively for Grayshott by Susan Harmsworth founder of ESPA using only products that work in harmony, and do not conflict with conventional medicine.

 “Over the years we have treated numerous individuals with cancer and worked with many related health organisations. The whole programme has been carefully developed around the philosophy of nurturing, soothing and relaxing at a time of varying degrees of stress and anxiety, not incorporating any aggressive products or procedures.  It is also based on the understanding that each individual will have different symptoms, degrees and stages of cancer, and that each cancer will manifest differently in each person.
Sue Harmsworth ESPA Founder

Call Reservations on 01428 602020 and they will be glad to discuss your stay with you.

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Post Mastectomy Dressing by Trinny & Susannah

Dear Trinny and Susannah,

I’m a 36 year-old mother of two and I’m currently going through treatment for breast cancer. I’ve lost one breast and will lose the other this year. Reconstruction will take place later on, so now I have the quandary of dressing with asymmetry. I am a shop-a-phobe and found it hard to dress myself with two boobs! I live in the tropics so wearing the silicone breast form is ok but very sweaty and most post mastectomy bras are just too hot for my climate. I don’t know what to do and I’m overwhelmed. Can you help me?


Dear Sonia,

First of all may we say how sorry we are to hear about the tough time you are experiencing. When a friend of ours went through the same ordeal we became all too familiar with the sartorial challenges that women face as a result of breast cancer treatments: how to deal with baldness; what to wear on painful feet; how to be comfortable and glamorous at the same time – and how to dress to disguise breast asymmetry. Our friend started the acclaimed blog: Chemo Chic. You might like to check it out.

Let’s face it, breast cancer is an out-and-out assault on your femininity. As if a woman doesn’t feel ghastly enough losing her breast – and possibly her hair too – she is then faced with the most depressingly god-awful range of hideous post mastectomy bras, swimsuits and clothing that look like they have been created in a surgical appliance workshop. Who designs these monstrosities that seem to exist solely in tones of flesh, white and black? Our guess is: not women!

But there are some who have taken on the challenge, with inspiring results. One such is American designer Hilary Boyajian who founded a company called Chikara. We completely endorse her approach, which is to create comfortable elegant garments that will look great on anyone – mastectomy or no. These are clothes that we would happily wear ourselves.

When it comes to asymmetry, gathers, knots, draping and ruffles are your friend. As with all our principles of dressing to flatter your shape it’s about creating optical illusions. Try a shirt with giant ruffles on the front or a dress that is gathered and knotted high on one side of your chest. Just because an outfit is comfortable does not meant that it can’t be glamorous. Forget the D&G corset dress – the number one fabric for achieving this look is jersey. Jersey is soft, elegant and endlessly versatile.

For inspiration take a look at some of the garments on the Chikara website. You may not be able to find exactly these pieces in your local town but if you understand the principles you can easily source or adapt your own. For example: buy a t-shirt dress several sizes too large for you and and knot it high on your chest or tie a skinny silk scarf into a huge ruffly bow and pin it to one side of the front of your shirt. A large and beautiful, square scarf will be your most useful accessory – fold it into a triangle and tie it around your neck so that all of the fabric is draping at the front, then secure it in place with a slim belt. Wear it over a plain white t-shirt with a simple skirt or trousers – this quick trick creates instant chic, every time!

Mixing up patterns and textures will further help to confuse the eye of the beholder.

High street chains that regularly carry great lines in jersey include ZaraTop ShopH&M and Cos. Cos is also the winner when it comes to finding pieces that disguise the unevenness of your body by playing up the asymmetry of the garment.

Feeling comfortable with your image is a huge confidence booster. Please let us know how you get on! We hope that you are getting masses of love and support at this difficult time and we send you our very best wishes.

With love

Trinny & Susannah

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The 30 minute body workout you need to try…

Nikkita’s Full-Body Workout

From Sweaty Betty

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Summer is coming – don’t let breast cancer stop you enjoying the beach!

Caleya was launched a few years ago because, following a double mastectomy for Mel and then a single mastectomy for me, we just couldn’t find mastectomy swimwear, bikinis, or tankinis that we liked – too much currently in the shops just doesn’t work very well.

Both Mel and I have had reconstruction surgery but for security, comfort and a cut that hides all those little tell-tale scars, we firmly believe that a properly cut swimsuit, bikini top or tankini top is really the best solution.

We’re delighted with our new special range from Jets which has a white and and a black variation to suit all skin colours – it’s really pretty – and don’t forget to check out our cover ups if you feel you are getting too much sun!

Jets Willow

Breast cancer is a scary time but with more options for treatment coming all the time and survival rates getting better and better we are Looking Forward Looking Great and hope you are too.



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Holiday Plans?

Have you felt those lovely rays of sunshine in between the teeming rain storms? Do the beautiful spring flowers that are peeking through the long winter grass make you think of holidays? For me once the skiing is over it’s all about looking forward to the next break which has to be in some sunshine somewhere.

I have my next full breast cancer check up in mid March and need to go back and see my mastectomy reconstruction surgeon ’cause things are still not quite right but that’s not stopping me planning to get my body and my swimwear sorted out to be ready to pack and go!

If you’re looking for something new to take on holiday or just for the spa and gym pool we’ve got some really beautiful new JETS mastectomy swimming costumes coming in store very shortly – they are so beautiful, a bit expensive but you’re so worth it – treat yourself and have fun – Vicki x


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Mastectomy Swimwear – Testimonial from another very happy customer

I am delighted with my two swimsuits that I ordered from you. They are so stylish and fit beautifully. They will make all the difference to long awaited holiday. Thank you for all your help.

With best wishes


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Post Mastectomy, Lymphadenectomy Arm Issues

We’ve recently had a number of ladies talking to us who have had their lymph nodes removed, are experiencing either lymphedema (swelling in their arm) or at the other extreme slightly scraggy arms due to weight loss and muscle deterioration.  We know exactly what you are going through and though we can’t offer mastectomy swimwear with sleeves we have a few holiday accessories that may help with your cover up:

First the very elegant and easy Jets cover up – see below, goes so beautifully with their mastectomy swimwear range.

We also recommend the Anita cover up which also looks great, provides more cover and is so very easy to wear. Finally if all else fails we use our sarongs as wraps – they are made from costume material and dry so quickly they are perfect for every beach bag and are so versatile they’ll cover up all sorts of areas!  Happy holidays  Victoria  x

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Holiday Planning – 2014

It’s that time of year again when the cold, wet wintery weather makes you dream of some sunshine or at least a spa. This time last year I had had my mastectomy and some reconstruction, was mid-chemo, I was looking forward to skiing though managing a wig and a helmet was worrying me a little! I knew that the spa in the hotel would be the place for me when my unfit body told me to stop and relax. The pools and spas in The Dolomites are keen for you to wear swim caps or turbans so the hair was no worry and with my beautiful Caleya costumes I was all set.

I chose three different looks;

The first was elegant, sophisticated and ideal when I was lounging, alone with a book and a mountain flower tea – this mastectomy swimming costume would look good on a cruise ship, at a Caribbean poolside bar and on practically any shape or size.



The second was a bright and fun mastectomy tankini for when the kids came back and wanted to play, to go down the slides and generally splash about.



And the third was a mastectomy bikini for when I felt brave enough to show a bit more body and was feeling fitter and more comfortable with my new body – I wasn’t sure whether I’d wear it – but I did!

This year I’m in a better place hair wise but I’m still wearing and enjoying my beautiful Caleya costumes – check them out I’m sure there is one that will suit you. Have Fun – Vicki xx

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The Bravest Calender Girls of All – 25 women stripped off for charity after undergoing double mastectomies

THEY are the bravest calendar girls of all: 25 women who have defiantly stripped off for charity after undergoing double mastectomies.

The women, who all had the surgery because they were at high risk of a hereditary form of breast and ovarian cancer, have called themselves the BRCA Babes, after their mutant gene.

The calendar aims to raise £30,000 to save a helpline for victims and challenge the taboos that deter many women from taking drastic action to save their lives. Angelina Jolie, the actress, had surgery earlier this year because she had the same mutant gene.

Wendy Watson, 58, of Bakewell, Derbyshire, who had the idea for the calendar and was one of the first women in Britain to have the surgery, said: “I want it to take the fear away.”

The calender sells for £10 from to help raise money for the National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline which was set up 17 years ago but is no longer funded by the NHS.

As seen in The Sunday Times 22/9/2013:

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