Here’s to a Happy, Healthy and Fun-filled 2015

Every year that goes by that takes me further away from my diagnosis with breast cancer year I thank my lucky stars and I hope they stay with me throughout the next 12 months and hope that the lucky stars are shining on all of us for 2015.
The new year always starts for me with plans to get fitter, take more care of myself, slow down and smell the roses more often but it’s not always easy, I’m not a naturally zen sort of person even though I know how much sense it makes. Even after my mastectomy and reconstruction surgery I felt inclined to get up and get on with life at the usual pace I had always enjoyed and that is where Caleya mastectomy-swimwear came in – I thought if I could do something useful that supported all those of us who still want to look great on the beach, at the spa, and on the cruise ship regardless of breast cancer then the time and energy to incorporate another business into my life would be worth it.

It is – with my great mates Mel and Jen we have enjoyed every moment of making Caleya stand out from the crowd and if you have had a difficult year with breast cancer, are going out seeking the sunshine this January to celebrate the new year in style here at Caleya swimwear we hope you find the perfect costume, bikini or tankini to suit your style.

Happy holidays


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