Fitness, Breast Cancer & Sports Bras

When it comes to health, there are not too many things that everyone agrees on these days and the media are so fond of sensationalising stories surrounding cancer prevention that I am not sure from one week to the next if I should or shouldn’t have a glass of red wine, should or shouldn’t eat brazil nuts or even drink some brands of bottled water!!

One thing that everyone seems to agree on are the benefits of exercise. Here at Caleya – Jen runs marathons, Mel can’t be kept off her in-office running machine and I just love the countryside outside my house whether I am jogging, walking & chatting or trying to do some serious training, nothing beats watching the changing seasons.

I have however found it difficult to replace my gym work outs and keep my muscles toned so here are some hot tips from some people that really know their stuff:

And don’t forget that whether you have had a mastectomy, reconstruction or lumpectomy please, please, please make sure you have the right support bra – doesn’t matter how slow you are moving, even walking the dog can create discomfort if you don’t take care. Caleya have a whole range from super support to sexy support – take a look and enjoy your exercise whatever form it takes: Here is my favouriteMastectomy or reconstruction - this is a perfect sports bra


Have fun



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