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We’re all mums, the youngest child is 5 and the oldest 14, 2 boys, 5 girls and three husbands (at the moment!). Between us we’ve worked all over the place in various industries including PR, media, theatre, publishing, retail, consultancy, training etc. etc. but we were all dumbfounded a couple of summers ago when Mel was diagnosed with breast cancer and, following a rather sudden double mastectomy, Mel said she just couldn’t find any decent swimwear!!

Over a few glasses of Tisana on a beautiful beach in northern Spain we decided something had to be done – and so sometime later our company Caleya specialising in mastectomy swimwear was born.

We have done a lot of research in sourcing stockists that are compatible but offer different styles so hopefully there is something for everyone, whatever your taste. We are also pleased to say that these three stockists JETS, Cyell and Anita special care ranges, were our first choice so we are very proud to have such stylish mastectomy swimwear on Caleya’s website.

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Jets swimwear is designed by Jessika Allen who aspires to make every woman feel beautiful. I really do think that in her exclusive designs, using fine fabrics and sleek lines, she has produced swimwear that is both gorgeous and of exceptional quality.

Jets was our first supplier. We were thrilled when they said they would be interested in supplying Caleya with their swimwear. I contacted them because I felt that a number of their designs would be suitable for women who had had breast surgery as well as the excellent quality and super colours that their designs come in. I’ve worn jets swimwear for many years and I’ve found that they look great year after year. Their sarongs are super, very light and ideal to throw into a beach bag. I never go away without one! Also because a number of our Jets stock haven’t been specifically designed for women who have had mastectomies they can be worn after you’ve had reconstruction which gives them a much longer life!



Cyell is a Dutch swimwear company and has been creating mastectomy swimwear since 2008. We were looking for a brand that designed bright, energetic, colourful swimwear and after a lot of research we found Cyell.

I think you will agree they are most definitely colourful! We’ve chosen to just stock their mastectomy range. Each item has a designed pocket to hold a prothesis in place. I wore the feather bikini last year and was really happy with it. I felt incredibly safe swimming, jumping off rocks and yes, I even went water skiing! I had no fear of showing any of my chest area when I leant forward, played with the kids etc. Cyell use natural high quality fabrics that feel feather soft against the skin. The Jets sarongs work very well with all our Cyell stock.



Anita is a well known German lingerie and swimwear brand and has been in business for 125 years but started producing mastectomy swimwear and prosthesis in 1970. They have a lot of experience in designing and producing very safe secure swimwear that also looks very stylish. Anita care swimwear have a higher neck line and more covering around the arm to enable you to feel safe and secure in and out of the water. The breast form pockets are integrated on both sides and have a concealed side opening. I would recommend Anita swimwear for the slightly larger lady because of the full covering. They are market leaders in designing mastectomy wear – what Anita doesn’t know about special care products isn’t worth knowing!

All our stockists support breast cancer charities and are companies run by women.

JETS Swimwear NBCF Morning Tea

Here is a video of a morning tea party that Jets held during national breast cancer month in Australia! It looks super fun!



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